The NOMORE Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to connect people to care for the vulnerable INDIVIDUALS in OUR world. The organization brings people close to the need and mobilizes them to bring hope to the most vulnerable.

NOMORE used Family-Match’s Recruitment Portal to track family engagement after foster and adoption awareness events in June and November of 2020.

NOMORE invests considerable time and resources into significant events designed to mobilize people to engage in the foster and adoption space. A pain point the organization reported was the lack of a reliable tool to track individuals’ engagement after an event had ended.

Through Family-Match’s Faster Families Portal, NOMORE can now direct families interested in foster care or adoption to proceed through a customized pre-application process where NOMORE can then track a family’s progress from event attendance to adoption.

Since they have started to utilize their personalized recruitment tool, 79 families have started the pre-application process. NOMORE can also track the success of these families as they continue their journey to agency onboarding, becoming licensed, and adopting a child.